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MRA Webinar Series – Anchors Aweigh: Load Sharing Anchor Options

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015
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Webinar Description:
Anchors are a fundamental component of nearly every rope rescue system. But what options are available to the rescuer who is confronted with sub-optimal anchors or a fall line that just doesn’t jibe with a single anchor point? Load sharing anchors to the rescue! This presentation covers important anchor building considerations like knot selection, load distributing versus load sharing anchors, man-made versus natural anchors and multi-point anchor angle forces.

Tom Wood is a 17 year veteran of the Alpine Rescue Team in Evergreen, Colorado and has a passion for surrounding himself with acronyms. He has served as the ART Field Director since 2013. The MRA’s alternate delegate to ICAR, Tom is a Level One NCRC (National Commission for Cave Rescue) trained cave rescuer. His day job is that of TM (Training Manager) for PMI’s (Pigeon Mountain Industries) VRS (Vertical Rescue Solutions). He is a SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) EC (Evaluations Committee) member and Level 3 Supervisor, sits on the NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) Safety and Education Committee and participates in the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F-32 SAR Committee. Tom is a Kent State graduate with a degree in photojournalism, has served in the USMCR as a Combat Photographer and in his meager spare time, he works as a freelance photographer, writer and author. A husband and father of three, Tom is an active ice climber and caver.

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ClimbTech Anchorage Connectors – Performance & Application

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
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Webinar Description:
ClimbTech anchorage connectors are internationally known as both innovative and easy to use. Whether you are a partner, distributor, or end user of our equipment, you can learn a little more about it at this free webinar. Some topics that will be covered are:

REMOVABLE ANCHORS – ClimbTech’s Removable Anchors, developed both for fall protection and multi-use, are safe, lightweight, and surprisingly simple to employ.

BEAM CLAMPS – One of ClimbTech’s most recent innovations, the I-Beam Clamp is the lightest and nimblest of its kind. Beyond its unmatched weight, the clamp incorporates a variety of unique components – all resulting in superior performance.

SWIVEL ANCHORS – The Swivel Anchor is not only new to ClimbTech’s product line; it is a valuable addition to the world of safety equipment. The anchor incorporates a revolutionary swivel ring design that allows a D-Ring to rotate 360 degrees as well as flip back and forth.

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SMC Rescue StayK – Load Equalizing System Overview

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
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Webinar Description:
There is an ever growing demand for the SMC Rescue StayK® (picket system) from all divisions of the Emergency Response Industry, Fire Departments, Rope Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, etc. The SMC Rescue StayK® system is versatile, accommodating, and by far the most effective, efficient, and reliable system available today. Join us for this free webinar presented by Garin Wallace and Don Enos of SMC.

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